Land use and nature conservation are often at odds, and sometimes habitats of endangered species are steamrolled by construction projects. To mitigate the harmful effects, there have been experiments to transfer species for the duration of the land use turmoil from their original environment to a safer place that is as similar as possible to the old habitat. This method is called ”an ecosystem hotel”. The goal is that species become permanent residents of the hotel and that part of the new population is transferred back to the original environment.

Kakslammi serves as an ecosystem hotel for species of sun-exposed environment that are transferred to safety due to a nearby railway project. These include the primrose plant called pygmyflower jasmine (Androsace septentrionalis), the endangered Isophrictis anthemidella moth and the Coleophora directella moth and the vulnerable green silver-spangled shark (Cucullia argentea).

The first transfers were made in the fall 2018 and in the summer 2019. In the picture plants are retrieved from a railway bank on the north side of Hyvinkää.