Invasive alien species is a non-native species that has spread to a certain area as a result of human activity. In most cases, invasive alien species do not adapt well to the new environment. However, sometimes they cause serious harm to the native ecosystem or significant economic losses, for example. These kind of species are called harmful invasive alien species.

Large-leaved lupine (Lupinus polyphyllus) was originally brought to Finland from North America as an ornamental plant. Lacking natural enemies it has spread like wildfire to roadsides and meadows, where it as a strong competitor efficiently displaces original flora.

Eradicating lupine from Finnish nature is difficult, so the most important thing is to prevent it from spreading to new habitats and to eradicate the species from meadows that have the most valuable flora and fauna. Suitable methods of control include reaping before the seeds have matured and uprooting the plants. Lupine control has been practiced in this area since 2018.