Kakslammi nature preserve is a rare type of sun-exposed environment on a former esker and extremely valuable to endangered species. The area was used for gravel extraction until the end of 1990’s. Vuokko Foundation for Nature Conservation bought and protected the area in 2017, because natural sun-exposed environments and the species living in them are diminishing in Finland at an alarming rate.

Endangered and rare insect species live in the area, including the endangered  gorse pod moth, the vulnerable Kirby’s nomad bee (Nomada subcornuta) and the near threatened black oil beetle (Meloe proscarabaeus), Tinagma perdicellum moth, six-spot burnet (Zygaena filipendulae), Mimumesa littoralis wasp and scarce black mining bee  (Andrena nigrospina) (Red List of Finnish Species 2019).

Wonderful plants of sun-exposed environment grow in the area, such as masmalo(Anthyllis vulneraria), yellow chamomile (Cota tinctoria), field cudweed (Logfia arvensis), birdsfoot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus) and narrow-leaved everlasting pea (Lathyrus sylvestris).

Vuokko Foundation for Nature Conservation actively manages Kakslammi nature preserve to sustain and enhance its nature values and to develop the important recreational use of the area.

The area is managed in cooperation with Hausjärvi municipality and Ryttylän Kiri, who are in charge of the outdoor recreation routes in the area and the disc golf course. In 2020, a nature trail was completed in the area by Vuokko Foundation for Nature Conservation. The goal is to work in unison to preserve the area as an open and sun-exposed habitat and an attractive recreational area for local residents.


There are three trails in the area:

Sun route (red). An easy circular trail that runs on the edges and at the bottom of the former gravel pit.

Forest route (green). A challenging trail that you can join from the red trail and lengthen your route. On the green trail you can explore a kettle bog and the development of a former commercial forest.

Esker route (blue). A challenging trail that provides an alternative for the Sun route on the way back. It runs on top of the gravel pit’s edge and offers nice views and exercise.

The information boards of the nature trail are along the Sun route and Forest route.


Please follow these rules:

-Clean after yourself and don’t leave trash in the area.

-Driving on motor vehicles is strictly forbidden!

-Keep your pets on a leash.

-Building a fire is strictly forbidden!

-You are allowed to gather food mushrooms and berries.

-There is also a disc golf course in the area. Beware of the discs, especially when you see a warning sign.

-Beware of the steep slopes on the Forest route and Esker route.

-Staying on the trail helps you find the information boards, but you can also step away from the trail, because it is beneficial to the plants of the sun-exposed environment if the soil the erodes and stays open. Enjoying nature and its effects on one’s well-being is meant for everybody!

-Please respect the peace of nature


Welcome to the Kakslammi nature trail!

This nature trail does not offer pristine nature but you can explore sun-exposed environment, many of its typical plants and the endangered insects that need them. The trail circulates in a nature preserve that was established in a former gravel extraction area to conserve a rare habitat.

It is a topical issue that insects are becoming rarer, and many information boards along the trail tell about insects, their food plants and measures related to conservation. You can also explore an insect hotel made of a twig fence and an ecosystem hotel.

Insects are small and move quickly so it is not easy to spot them. The best time for spotting them are sunny spring and summer days.